At Mink Road we collect, buy/sell, repair, love and respect vintage jewelry.  For me, it started in college, some years ago, when my grandmother gave me a box of vintage pins. I thought they were way too old-fashioned for someone all edgy like me! Then I glued a really pretty one on a hair clip and had, I don’t know, maybe 1 million people (small exaggeration), compliment me on it.  I’ve been showing people for years now, how to wear costume pieces in unusual ways and I just get a kick out of how a simple brooch or pin really glams up your look.

Located in Washington State, Mink Road specializes in gorgeous Christmas Tree vintage costume jewelry and high-end dressy pieces from famous and glamorous designers of the past including Trifari, Cadoro, Coro, Weiss, Warner, Hollycraft and many others.  Take a look and see if you don’t agree – vintage jewels rock!

We take pride in expert and beautiful packing - all pins come in a black velvet bag inside a gift box and are shipped insured and quickly for a fixed $4.95 price  - no matter how many you buy. If you have any questions, either before or after your purchase, feel free to contact us at  We respond quickly.

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