At Mink Road we collect, love and respect vintage costume jewelry.  Our definition of “vintage” is a well-made designer or unsigned costume piece typically manufactured between the 1920s through the 60s - though, as in life, there are always exceptions - Bauer is a perfect example of a newer highly desirable designer. We started with a small fur clip collection in 1976 and our interest grew from there. Traveling in Europe and around the US and Canada; attending auctions, roadshows and purchasing private collections or a single wonderful piece, we amassed a collection of 1000s of desirable and unique items - mostly brooches as they lend themselves to so many wearable possibilities. 
Located in Washington and Montana States, after a long sojourn in California and Hawaii, Mink Road specializes in gorgeous Christmas Tree vintage jewelry and high-end designer costume “pieces of envy” from famous and glamorous designers of the past including Trifari, Staret, Estabell, Boucher, Carnegie, Cadoro, Coro, Joseff, Weiss, Warner, Hollycraft and many others. 

All pieces come with a black velvet storage bag and are shipped insured and quickly for a fixed $4.95 price in the continental US - no matter how many you buy. Outside the continental US, email for shipping quote. We allow returns in original condition within 10 days if a piece is substantially not as described, please email first. 
The gorgeous art “ladies”  on our homepage were found on Pinterest. If you are the artist, please email us so we can belatedly thank you and add your extremely talented signature to our home page.


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