Capri DeNicola Frog Large Figural Vintage Brooch Pin
Capri DeNicola Frog Large Figural Vintage Brooch Pin Capri DeNicola Frog Large Figural Brooch Pin - Mink Road Vintage Jewelry

Capri Mint Green Enamel Frog Vintage Figural Pin Brooch is large, bright and almost identical to the HAR or CFW frog - who copied who? Capri copied the HAR or CFW design which was carried over from the DeNicola designers who worked in the then defunct HAR/CFW facilities. DeNicola was renamed Capri in late 1959, early 1960. Bringing us to the almost identical who-designed-it mid '60s CINER frog brooch... What they all shared in common was humans. Designers that carried "their" designs between the New York Manufacturing facilities and made miniscule changes to stave off copyright wars. Confusing but fascinating yes?  This excellent Capri Amphibian is mint green enamel with rhinestone eyes rather then one bold cab. Brooch measures a substantial 2 x 1 1/4 inches and in excellent condition. Pin bar straight and clasp locks securely.

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